Footscape consists of a small team of only 3 members. We were always curious about how shoe industry worked and our passion for the latest designs led us to the manufacturers who were still using the traditional methods of making shoes by hand.

By digging a bit more deep, we realized that most of the brands in Pakistan were not manufacturing the products by themselves but  purchasing those from a third party. Make a few adjustments to the designs as per own choice, add a brand stamp, put the shoe in a brand logo box and you’ve got yourself a right to put a crazy high price tag.

After seeing this, it came to our mind why not start our own brand and provide the same quality in reasonable price. A small outlet which will not have rent in hundred of thousands, lesser staff and eliminate all factors which will force us to increase the  product price. Hence, FOOTSCAPE came into existence.

At the moment, we have started with the price range affordable by many. We are 100% sure that our prices with respect to the quality we are providing are cheap as compared to the market. Our mission is to increase our variety  as per the costumer demand and create awareness to the consumers that  if these brands are investing a fortune to attract the costumers by glass doors and walls, plazas with uncountable number of lights and marketing strategies spending  millions, all this is covered in the price of the product YOU buy.